K.B. Travels a complete travel management solutions company operated by highly experienced team.

Umrah Hajj Package

K.B. Travels has assured comfortable and affordable journeys by offering especially designed Umrah Packages to their customers from Bangladesh. If you are unable to find your desired arrangement, do call us. Our concerned Travel Consultants will be happy to prepare an Umrah Package that is most suitable to your requirements.

Corporate Travel

In today’s rapidly changing travel market environment, we take full advantage of state-of-the-art technology and strive to make sure that our corporate clients receive quality service and competitive price

For us, every corporate client is unique, and we tailor our services to meet their exclusive requirements through diverse range of product and service portfolios.

We are proud of our continuous, seamless operations, which differentiate us from other Travel Management Companies.

Global Hotel Bookings

Based on our in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations, we can provide hotel reservations globally with instant online confirmations.

With access to a wide variety of hotel properties, we proactively assist you in meeting your requirements with deliverables such as:

Hotel Recommendations
Rate Review
Benchmarking against Corporate and Preferred Rates
Maps showing the locations of your selected hotels

The result: Actionable information and big saving potential

Global Travel Planning And Reservations

Using streamlined processes, automated tools and advanced workflow management, K.B. Travels brings a higher level of simplicity and cost savings to the art of serving today’s busy corporate traveler.
The client can select the travel planning and reservation solutions that best reflect its needs.

Meetings & Conferences

Two areas of travel spend that play an increasingly vital role in delivering substantial savings and value to corporations are “meetings and conferences”.

K.B. Travels provides leading-edge capabilities to ensure that companies reap benefits of a consolidated procurement approach. We deliver the complete spectrum of services.

Our meeting and conference services are tailored to your specific requirements, based on a thorough understanding of your objectives and leveraging our wide range of experience with leading companies around the world.